The Food Fallacy

This book might just save your life!

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The Food Fallacy, by Dr Andrew Strigner, is an overview of the whole field of Human Nutrition, written by a world-renowned expert in the field.

In a world of fad and celebrity diets, Dr Strigner has produced a work that is not a diet, prescription, nor formula. This book gives an overview of the entire field of food, and human nutrition. It explains the facts and dispels the myths about food. It shows you how you can achieve your correct weight, live longer, be fitter, stay mentally active and, importantly, enjoy your food.

Dr Andrew Strigner is a world-acclaimed specialist in Nutrition. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, he is a consultant physician with over 50 years expertise in clinical medicine. For many years, a livestock farmer in Somerset, he has first hand, and extensive, knowledge of both the agricultural and food industries. He currently practices in Harley Street, London, and South Devon, where he also lives.