The science comprising the study of nutrients and the nutritional value of foods

Food: Anything that nourishes; promotes growth and activity and permits reproduction with healthy offspring

Dr Strigner is a world-renowned expert in the field of nutrition. As former chairman, and now vice president, of the McCarrison Society for the study of the effects of nutrition and health, Dr Strigner has been very influential in our recent understanding of nutrition and its use as a medical tool. His book on the subject, The Food Fallacy has been acclaimed by academics and professionals alike.

Our modern diet and life style are responsible for our general unfitness and ill health. Heart and circulatory disease, gastro-intestinal disorders, diabetes and obesity, cancers, dental problems, and even psychiatric disorders can be directly attributed to bad diet.

Food, for the scientist and researcher is very complex. Good nutrition is, on the other hand, very simple and, when the principles are understood, very easy to put in to practice.

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